Why is G-mail so convenient?

In today’s digitized world having your gmail login credentials is extremely handy. Gmail is very organized and flexible, starting from YouTube to Google drive, you would need your gmail account passes for it all. If you haven’t already signed up and created a gmail account, you may need to rethink your decision. 

Advantages we have once we use the gmail sign in option.

Vast storage space

With your gmail login credentials you can store up to 30 GB of data completely for free. The space is meant for gmail, google drive and google photos.


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It can act like your personal information manager

After completing the gmail account login process you can relax and let google take care of scheduling your meetings, email notifications, to do lists and so much more.

All in one

There are many useful features that you can access after you finish your gmail account login procedure. One interesting feature is being able to add your yahoo and Hotmail accounts so you can access all your emails from one place.


Gmail is very inexpensive and does not need any maintenance. You have access to all your files anywhere you can browse the internet.

Your data is secure

If any business has a Gmail account, their data backed up on the Google platform which ensures it guarantee of service and up time. You access your data over a secured SSL-encrypted connection so no one can access your info.

Store instant messages 

Gmail for business includes features which allows you to save instant messages and video chats making it easy for you to use as a future reference. 

These are some of the very few reasons why you need a google account right about now. 
Google is extremely user friendly and here’s how you can set up an account by following these easy steps. Users can follow these steps with the help of their computers or smart phones.

How to login to gmail.com

Google is extremely user friendly and here’s how you can set up an account by following these easy steps. Users can complete these steps using their computers or smartphones.

Step 1: Ensure you have a working browser on your computer or have downloaded the gmail app.

Step 2: Next, go to your browsers search bar and type www.gmail.com

Step 3: After the page opens you can see the sign in option. If you are using the app you need to click on gmail sign in under make a new account.

Step 4: Type in your gmail address, click next then type in your password and it will take you to your gmail account.

gmail login


If you wish to not sign in every time, you can use the stayed signed in option and you would not need to enter your gmail account login credentials every time you wanted to open your gmail account.


Set up a strong password, something that one cannot guess or figure out easily. A strong password contains at least six characters with a combination of letters, symbols and numbers. Also, you must keep in mind that the longer the password the stronger it is.

You can also complete all these gmail sign in steps on your phone, gmail mobile sign in options are also very user friendly and can be completed on the go.

Why is Gmail so popular?

Gmail has gained its popularity by adding unique features to its interface and keeping it as user friendly. Earlier people had to download their emails to be able to read them, this was very inefficient because back in the days hard drive space was a major issue, Gmail made it possible to read emails without having to download them with their auto save function.

Some benefits gmail has over other providers are as follows:

If you’ve logged into www.gmail.com login you’ve probably noticed in your inbox that only the mails that are relevant are being displayed, gmail has a spam filter which only shows you your relevant emails. This makes things very easy for its users.

Advanced Search Option

Gmail was the first to introduce the search option, you could search by using keywords of high precision. Whereas other providers take time to come up with the search results but with gmail your results appear almost as soon as you click the search button. 

For example: A user is searching for an email that was sent long ago, but does not remember the email address from which it was sent nor remember the subject line. What should one do in this case? This is where your advanced search options come in handy, you can access it by clicking on the down arrow on the right of the search bar. It has parameters that are completely off the charts. You can search for emails from this specific date to another, emails with attachments, email size, emails that have google drive, sheets, docs, slides or any link/attachments.

All conversations in gmail are a single thread and do not come as separate emails like other providers where doing, gmail was the first to introduce single thread emails. 

Gmail focused on a unique way of advertising which made a big difference. On the other hand, other providers used pop ups which was extremely irritating for users, this also increased gmail log in rates. Gmail put their ads in a format that was in a silent corner.

How did they do it?

Googles marketing plan was very efficient. In the beginning users couldn’t just use the gmail sign in option, they had to be invited to be able to use it. This made sure to only target substantial users and would bring in more users through gmail login or gmail mobile sign in options. Infact people were so desperate to be able to make accounts in gmail, invitations were bring sold for almost $40 on ebay.

Recently they have many new cool features like categorizing your emails under different tabs like:

  • Primary
  • Social
  • Promotional
  • Updates
  • Forums

Googles belief “Great isn’t good enough” helped them get very far, through continuous innovation they will continue to improve things in the most unexpected ways.


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