Who we are


Our website https://googleaccountlogin.com has been made with the intention of providing information to new users about google different features such as google photos, how to set up an account in Gmail and so on.

Disclaimer: Our website solely intends to provide information about Google services by acting as a guide, it is not in any way affiliated with google neither does it require user login details.


Collection of information


When you log on to googleaccountlogin.com/*, third-party users such as Google analytics will monitor user behavior and collect information. By monitoring user behavior it can get information such as your IP (Internet Protocol) address, how much time you spend on a certain website, the browser you are using, the type of operating system and the date and time you access the website. The information that is gathered is in no way linked back to the user and is only monitored to make the user experience of that website better. It is done using cookies and hits. Cookies are a small text file Google Analytics saves to a user’s browser cache, so it can ‘remember’ what visitors did. A hit is a bit of data that gets sent back to Google’s servers and logged in Google Analytics.


Notification of Privacy Statement Changes


We may change our privacy policies as time proceeds, we encourage you to review this page on an annual basis, this is to ensure there is no confusion and you are up to date about the changes we make/add.